Originally from Panama, Roberto Alcazar currently is refining his craft in Ontario, Canada. His artistic disciplines including drawing, sculpture, and graphic design. His style can be drawn from classical art, pop art, satire, and technology. Early influences include the comic book art of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, with their reliance on line art being reflected in the artist's own ink drawings. Most of his sculpture pieces use polymer-based clays as their chief medium, although paper clay has also been incorporated into his practice as of late. Exposure to the comedy acts of George Carlin among other comedians has resulted in humor becoming a large part of his work, which can be best illustrated in his ink drawings and personal writings. His interest in 2D video games have also carried over into his artistic practices, leading into pixel oriented imagery in addition to bringing 2D digital works into other mediums.

Roberto is currently attending his last year within the Art and Art History Program, a joint program of Sheridan College Institute and the University of Toronto at Mississauga. Prior to this, he had completed the Art Fundamentals program at Sheridan College. Roberto has done volunteer work on behalf of the Design Exchange in Toronto. He has also worked as designer for the 2008 edition of Buff, the yearly Art and Art History student art publication, which was the first edition of the yearly publication that was designed and worked on entirely by students. Most recently, Roberto was one of a series of artists that participated in Dialectic, an art exhibition that ran in the Blackwood Gallery during March of 2009.

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