The Core Conundrum: And Other Things I Cannot Explain - Book project which falls under satire, and "talks about everything and nothing at the same time." Early excerpts from the book could be found on the now-defunct Definitive Alcazar blog, which was a precursor to this website.

Nonsense Conversations - An ongoing series of work that started in 2005. The Nonsense Conversations are based on a wide range of things that come up in conversation with family and fellow artists. Mediums used for this series range from ink drawings and sculpture to digital work.

SF2 NES - Part of a group working on a recreation of the original arcade property created by Capcom, but done in a fashion more in tune with 8-bit graphics. The art style is inspired by unofficial Nintendo Entertainment System ports of Street Fighter II created by a Chinese company named Yoko Soft. For more information, please visit the SF2 NES site.